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Foundation The Embassy of Helping Children is active all over Poland and it provides social help to the poorest families.

It gives a helping hand to develop valuable hobbies among the youngest, such as active relaxing, travelling, reading and other cultural interests.

The Foundation supports orphanages and organizes workshops in hospitals as a kind of therapy, which tries to loosen little patients from illnesses or pain, even for a while.

The Embassy works also abroad, if it is necessary. Gifts as packets reached Ethiopia, Ukraine and Salomon’s Islands.

There are only people with real passions in the Embassy who work for it. They devote their free time exept their jobs, they travel, run their own businesses, teach at schools, and they have one in common: helping others and making their lives happier and easier.

We encourage you to follow our actions on the Internet and FB and, if it is possible, support our efforts.

Everyone can be our donor, individual or institution who or which supports the foundation and helps it to achieve its objectives through a donationor one-off contribution.

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